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Tall Boy was deep inside his own head, standing and staring up at the skeleton of the mural with a can of cream paint in one hand and his hip in the other. He was contemplating techniques for reproducing lunar craters in trompe l’oeil when an unknown hand came down heavily on his shoulder and swung him around.


“There were some people who avoided the Jaunt because they were leery of the long-term consequences. There were also those who had been over-exposed to the media coverage of the rare four cases where a person had gone missing mid-way. The title of the first New York Times headline narrating this incident was simply


[A snippet from a short story I’m kicking around. Meet Tall Boy.]

                “These colors. That’s what I need from you.” Tall Boy’s smile was radiant, infectious. Against his will, Spanner felt his customary scowl begin to buckle into a grin. 
                “I don’t know if I have all these in stock. You know who else is on the prowl for paint around here. This stuff doesn’t exactly grow on trees these days.”
                “Just give me the closest thing you got.”
                Spanner leaned over the list and put his head in his hand. “I don’t know, man. That really is some dangerous territory.”
                “Don’t worry about me Span, I’m invisible like a stray cat. I am one with the night.”
                “You are one with the bullshit, is what you are.”