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Tall Boy was deep inside his own head, standing and staring up at the skeleton of the mural with a can of cream paint in one hand and his hip in the other. He was contemplating techniques for reproducing lunar craters in trompe l’oeil when an unknown hand came down heavily on his shoulder and swung him around.


Among the Cotai, riders lost their mounts—it happened. Either through injury or illness, it happened. While he knew Vahn felt as if he was the first boy to ever lose a dragon, and would carry the hurt as such for a long time, he also knew boys in general, especially as they were growing into the men they would become.

The Hatchings would be upon them soon, with the new opal-eyed dragon pups screeching from high Cliffside nests, and the spring festivals would arrive as well; in time, Vahn would forget his hurt, or store it away in a hidden part of his heart to nurse in secret hours. He would see his friends take to the skies and long to ride with them again.

On Friday, Jack Tulson had nothing more dire to consider than a forecasted thunderstorm for the weekend that threatened his intentions of mowing the lawn. By Sunday, his primary concern was making sure no one disemboweled him.

Jack was not a news reading man. He would say so with no defensive pretension, and took the word of those who did bother to read the news as a relative truth. Up until that Saturday morning, he felt no reason to believe that the news was anything but truthful. When he was channel surfing with a cup of coffee and heard a snatch of breaking news about resurrection, the surreality of the announcement caused him to flip back.

They possessed no idea what was causing the dead to rise, and that was somehow the worst part. If they knew, they certainly weren’t saying, not academia nor government nor military. Jack made another pot of coffee and watched CNN replay a home video of time-shredded hands scrabbling from the newly turned dirt of a Florida cemetery with stunned disbelief. Only it wasn’t just zombies in Niceville, Florida or San Diego, California. It was everywhere, and how did you explain that?

~ “Neighborhood Watch”