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On Friday, Jack Tulson had nothing more dire to consider than a forecasted thunderstorm for the weekend that threatened his intentions of mowing the lawn. By Sunday, his primary concern was making sure no one disemboweled him.

Jack was not a news reading man. He would say so with no defensive pretension, and took the word of those who did bother to read the news as a relative truth. Up until that Saturday morning, he felt no reason to believe that the news was anything but truthful. When he was channel surfing with a cup of coffee and heard a snatch of breaking news about resurrection, the surreality of the announcement caused him to flip back.

They possessed no idea what was causing the dead to rise, and that was somehow the worst part. If they knew, they certainly weren’t saying, not academia nor government nor military. Jack made another pot of coffee and watched CNN replay a home video of time-shredded hands scrabbling from the newly turned dirt of a Florida cemetery with stunned disbelief. Only it wasn’t just zombies in Niceville, Florida or San Diego, California. It was everywhere, and how did you explain that?

~ “Neighborhood Watch”