Writing music, 7/27/2010

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Playlists, Uncategorized, Writing Life

These are off of my Pandora music station “Brutus”, which I set up for music that reminds me of the protagonist of We Are The Weapon, Brutus Telfair. There’s some really good music for invoking dystopian California on there – I’ve been “training” that particular Pandora station pretty rigidly on my likes and dislikes so I always have an atmospherically appropriate playlist to turn to for writing practice.

“You Found Me” – The Fray
“Riptide” – Sick Puppies
“Headstrong” – Trapt
“The Ghost of You” – My Chemical Romance
“Capricorn (A Brand New Name)” – 30 Seconds to Mars
“Swing Life Away” – Rise Against
“Night of the Hunter” – 30 Seconds to Mars
“Shadow of the Day” – Linkin Park
“Your Guardian Angel” – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
“Cleaning Apartment” – Clint Mansell and Chronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream)
“21 Guns” – Green Day
“True Faith” – Anberlin
“Uprising” – Muse
“Apocalyptica” – Cult
“Famous Last Words” – My Chemical Romance


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