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Several items of note today. First and foremost, over coffee this morning we found out via email that my ever-talented poet friend and housemate had his first piece “Contemplations on Contingencies” accepted by Paradigm literary journal (to run this weekend if I’m not mistaken). Now those are some dudes with some serious taste. Great job Tex.

Shameless plug here:
And here at the poet’s own blog, for more poetic profundity (is that a word?) –

Yes, this is the extent of my abilities in Paint.

Secondly, I started (and completed!!!) a new short story yesterday, and ran into the issue that I always run into when I complete a short story whose concept I really love—it immediately wanted to expand itself into a novel. What started out as a Red Pony-esque vignette about a teenage dragon rider losing his dragon to a tragic accident was a full-blown fantasy epic (in my head) by the time I made my half hour commute home yesterday. The story, “Cinders in the Dawn”, came out to an impressive 3,045 words–that’s a LOT of text for me to produce in one day. It’s the first time in awhile that writing actually felt FUN to me for a change, and not like some dreadful chore to throw all of my powers of procrastination towards. When you’re blocked, writing is horrible to even think about, but when you’ve caught a good wave and you’re bounding across paragraphs like an eager husky across the snow, writing is one of the best occupations on the planet.

I drew the idea from my idea “slush pile”, which consists of a small black notebook that I carry around with me and jot down my ideas in so I don’t lose them two minutes after they come to me. I recently had a mini-crisis where I had to track this notebook back down after leaving it in a movie theater where I went to go see Iron Man 2.

(One, don’t judge me on my superhero worship, and two, when I say I carry that notebook around with me, I really do mean everywhere.)


Not only did I recover my idea slush pile from the theater this weekend (thanks to some kindly ushers) and bang out what I consider to be a pretty good short story in a single day with “Cinders”, I also started a new short story last night called, “Light as a Feather,” which is about someone who discovers their ability to fly at the age of twelve.

I submitted “Cinders in the Dawn” to Clarkesworld (call me an optimist) and will probably spend the day fleshing out an outline/synopsis of my idea for the accompanying novel Cinders, since it’s the first large-scale project idea that I’ve been excited about in a long time. Even though I’ve been working on We Are The Weapon for several years now, I’m thinking it’s about to be placed on the backburner for awhile as I work on short stories, and maybe a rough draft of Cinders.

“She Rises” – Still working on this idea to submit to Comet Press by the deadline for the Deadzone anthology. After a brainstorming session, my housemate came up with some pretty brilliant suggestions on how to wrap the novella up, and I took some good notes on them. Hopefully at this point, “She Rises” is just a matter of taking those final scenes, fleshing them out, and threading them back into the original manuscript so they form a cohesive whole.

Just finished – “Cinders in the Dawn” (3,045 words)
Just started – “Light as a Feather” (appx. 500+ words and counting)
In Progress – “She Rises”, Cinders
Stalled – We Are The Weapon, Everybody But Lazarus
Submissions Under Consideration – 9


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